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The outreach work of Reach the Nations in Pakistan focuses on village ministries in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab. In Sindh, the RTN team engages in evangelism, discipleship training, humanitarian aid, and church planting in remote Hindu villages around Hyderabad.

In Punjab, most of the villages in RTN’s ministry are made of up Christians, who are marginalized by the culture and are in need of evangelism, biblical teaching, encouragement and, on occasion medical or nutritional assistance.


Islamabad serves as the local base of the Pakistani ministry, providing administrative offices and a location for leadership training seminars which are presented by senior U. S. team members who visit Pakistan multiple times each year.


Kingsway Church​


Kingsway is a Reformed, Evangelical, Charismatic, and Missional local church in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, which supports and is involved with the mission of Reach The Nations Ministriesnas well as the Acts 15 Church Network. Kingsway is also a part of the Gospel Coalition.

Kingsway Community Church is committed to serve the great commission through the grace of God and the Holy Spirit’s empowerment as part of Christ’s whole Church worldwide. The people of the congregation serve with their time, talents, gifts, and regular financial support in order that the body of Christ around the world might be built up in the love of God.

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​Thornapple Center for Biblical Studies is the primary U.S. teaching arm of Reach the Nations. Thornapple Center is a church-based training program committed to a biblical foundation of learning with a clear Reformed, Evangelical, Charismatic and Missional focus along with practical discipleship. It offers an online study program with courses taught by various church leaders. 


Reach the Nations is also affiliated with Covenant Leadership Training Institute based in St. Louis, Missouri. With the goal of training leaders within Pakistan and other nations, the CLTI presents conferences as well as a six-month resident discipleship program with training in Bible, theology, and church leadership. CLTI has recently constructed a satellite campus in Karachi, Pakistan.


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The Acts 15 gathering of ministers and elders provides a forum for biblical and theological discussions as well as for advancing the cause of Christ in the world and building up the church through planting new congregations and developing existing ones. The council, based on a common commitment to the gospel and the kingdom of God, welcomes and encourages ministries and network leaders from different parts of the body of Christ to gather in this forum.

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